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Rye is used in the production of rye flour, starch, malt, rye beer and alcoholic beverages; rye is used for animal feed.

As a result of grinding rye grain, flour is obtained and, depending on the method of grinding, it happens: seeded with a small content of shells, peeled has a white color with a gray tint, it has more shells and wallpaper is the most valuable, all parts of the whole grain are preserved in it. Rye flour is suitable for almost all types of bakery products for dietary and medical purposes.

This unique and very useful plant is still a healthy dietary product today. The rye grain, known for its unique properties, gives health and energy of the sun. Its protein contains lysine and threonine (amino acids). Rye contains water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and ash.

The plant contains vitamin A of groups - beta carotene, which preserves the integrity of the cellular structure and protects the body from aging, B1 - thiamine, which prevents vitamin deficiency, and B2 - riboflavin actively involved in the processes of protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It is impossible to assess the effect of niacin, a substance supplied by vitamins B3 and PP.


We offer GMO-free Rye. 

Packing: bulk / big-bags 1 MT / bags 50 kg.

FOB price from
$ 200 per MT
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