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Wheat is used for the production of flour for baking bread, the production of pasta and confectionery, grain is used for animal feed and for the production of alcoholic beverages.

In the culture of spring wheat, there are two types - soft wheat and durum wheat. On average, a grain of durum wheat contains 15-18% of protein, soft wheat - 14-16%, gluten - 28-40%.

Flour obtained from soft varieties contains coarse-grained starch, has a fine texture, is more crumbly, has little gluten and water absorption is minimal. In durum wheat flour, starch grains are small, it has a fine-grained texture and a large amount of gluten. Monosodium glutamate is obtained from wheat protein - a substance used to enhance the taste of products. Durum wheat are rich in proteins, but they are low in gluten. It is used in the production of couscous and pasta.

Wheat is divided into winter and spring varieties. 

Winter wheat is considered a high-yielding and valuable crop. Spring wheat has the highest protein content. Semolina, pasta, noodles are made from it.


We offer GMO-free Wheat. 

Packing: bulk / big-bags 1 MT / bags 50 kg.

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$ 286 per MT
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